Event Blockchain for Social Good

15th Dec 2017

On December 15, the event “Blockchain for Social Good”, organized by Nesta Italia in partnership with the City of Turin and the University, has been the first important italian gathering among internationally renowned experts and citizens focused on exploring Blockchain technologies’ social impact.

The event attracted an enthusiastic audience and the attention of the main social and digital innovation actors in Italy and Europe.

After the launch of the 5 million “Blockchains for Social Good” Prize of the European Commission, an amazing audience has participated in a dynamic, fast-paced conversation that brought on the stage theories and applications of the Blockchain in the social field.

From the “Uncovering the potential of Blockchain” panel that offered a snapshot of the most technical aspects of the tech to the “Showcase of Blockchain Application” that enlightened good practices with high social impact; the conversation “Benefits for Blockchains in cities” closed the event looking at the future of Italian and European cities approaching the huge potential of this technology (watch the video playlist).

The successful event has been only the beginning for several discussions about the opportunities to research and experiment Blockchains in Turin, Italy and Europe.

The highlights of the event are available here.