Arts and cultural heritage


We help arts and cultural heritage organisations thrive by developing and testing new business models and new ways to engage audiences, whilst making the case for their wider social and economic value.

For example:

Nesta’s £7 million Digital R&D Fund for the Arts linked arts organisations, digital technology firms and universities to cutting edge technologies, allowing them to experiment with radical new ideas in the real world.  For example, the UK’s National Holocaust Centre used 3D filming and speech recognition software to let visitors meaningfully interact with a Holocaust Survivor.

Nesta has also experimented with new funding models for arts and heritage organisations – such as matched crowdfunding, or impact investment (which brings together public funders, philanthropic organisations and private investors to provide repayable finance).

Internationally, Nesta delivers workshops around the world to support creative entrepreneurs set up and grow their businesses, accompanied by the Creative Enterprise Toolkit (which has been translated into eight languages).