We prepare young people for an increasingly digital workplace by understanding the future of work, backing digital learning technologies and campaigning for more creative, robot-resistant skills.

For example:

Nesta has ensured that young people can  shape the digital landscape (not just navigate it) and have the skills and creativity to take part in an increasingly digital world.

Nesta’s landmark Next Gen report into the future of work influenced the UK Government to introduce computer science into the English national curriculum.  In parallel, Nesta led the Make Things Do Stuff consortium of 70 organisations from Microsoft to the Scout Association – all championing the digital making for young people.  Nesta gave this emerging movement an identity and voice through  a dedicated website, social media channels and advocacy work.  We also created an online directory for young people to find out about coding clubs, tools and tutorials, and gave funding to organisations helping teach digital skills to young people outside of the classroom – including Code Club and Technology Will Save Us who now operate globally.

During the two-year campaign, over 70 organisations from large technology companies to grassroots clubs provided over the target of 100,000 digital making experiences for young people nationwide, 30,000 of which were directly funded by Nesta.