Health and ageing


We test and scale new models of people powered health – helping people  use technology, data and mutual support to improve their own health and wellbeing.  And we support new ways to provide modern and affordable care for an ageing population.

For example:

Nesta have tested and scaled up new sources of ‘people powered’ health support – where volunteer citizens work alongside professionals in public services.  The Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund, a £5 million partnership with the UK Government Cabinet Office, backed 20 health and ageing ‘social action’ innovations to grow, and attracted an additional £10 million of funding from other sources.  Some of the innovations have reached significant scale, able to deliver their services to any public service nationally that commissions them.    For example, any English local authority can now request a Shared Lives Plus caring scheme (that matches disabled adults or older people with carers to share their family and community life).  And we helped create and globally scale the GoodSAM app that alerts trained first aiders to emergencies nearby.

Nesta has collaborated on health-related innovation projects across the world – such as mapping open innovation techniques to improve health systems in Brazil, and mapping civil society organisations using technology to improve health across Europe.  We also search globally for innovative solutions – the Longitude Prize is a global challenge prize to solve antimicrobial resistance, for example.