Sara Roversi



Serial entrepreneur, she is passionate about food, digital, social innovation and creative learning. In 2003 she founded with her husband You Can Group, today an entrepreneurial ecosystem that, by evolving, favors the growth of new entrepreneurs and the birth of new companies mainly in the food and digital sectors. Always involved in international projects, since 2013 she has been part of the Italian delegation to the G20 YEA Summit and the SME Development Task Forces at B20 China and B20 Germany and the Sustainable Food System Task Force B20 Argentina.
In 2014 she founded the Trust Future Food Institute with the mission of feeding a community of young food innovators, managers and visionaries, capable of generating a positive impact on society, acting on all the players in the agri-food chain. Hackathon, education, international missions and especially the Master Food Innovation Program are some of the tools for action.
An ever-growing ecosystem that has given life to the Future Farm project, Future Food Urban Coolab, with operating subsidiaries in San Francisco, Madrid and Hong Kong.